Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dear Friends,
            As another year comes to a close Breathing Space would like to take this time to thank all its supporters, volunteers, staff and everyone who has come to visit for another successful year. You’re help, encouragement and wise counsel has been invaluable to the successful transformation of our clients.  Thank You!
            This year as many of you may know, we had great client successes. One of our client’s transitioned out to a family life and new job and other client moved into permanent housing with family services continuing to be provided. We continued to mentor youth and help provide summer job opportunities for them though our entrepreneurial project.
Our plans for next year include providing services to women in crisis and those on a re-entry journey. We are currently working with other nonprofits to grow this service area and are excited for the work to come. We hope with your support to continue providing temporary housing and other services to our communities of care.
            Once again we thank you for your support and dedication to those in need and invite you to attend our events and purchase our products. Please visit us at: http://www.breathingspaceny.org/ and direct your contributions and questions there.
            Here’s to our mission of creating a healing community for men and women returning from prison. That creates entrepreneurial green businesses that sustain our community and the reinvigoration of our most valuable resource: PEOPLE.

Thank you,

Angel Ramos,
Chief Operating Officer
Breathing Space Inc.
(917) 280-6944